Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday weigh-in

I'm down two more pounds!

It's seriously freaking amazing that I was able to still lose two pounds this week, you know with Thanksgiving and all. But I was bribing myself with a new pair of shoes. I told myself that if I could drop two pounds this week I'd reward myself with a new pair of shoes.

Well, I got a seeding ticket on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner, which may pretty much wipe out the shoe budget and then some. Sigh. I'll find out on Monday how much I owe.

Anyway, I was actually able to wear a pair of jeans on Friday that I haven't been able to wear in over a year. They're still a little snug but that was a huge motivation to stay on track.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's All About the Partnership Baby!

Losing weight is hard. So when it was time to get serious about shedding the extra pounds we put on over the years, of course it was only natural that Two Ton Tilly (aka PBD) my BFF and I decided to do it together.

Because we do most things together.

And trying to losing weight together just seemed like it would be easier. We could keep each other motivated, encourage each other to exercise, and most of all have someone else to suffer make healthy food choices with. And pass on the cupcakes with. And take a walks with.

But also someone who can be totally honest with you and tell you that you’re never ever going to be the size you were when you 16 again. And you know what? It’s OK because it made your head look big.

We believe partnership can create great things in all aspects of our lives and that’s why we were inspired to get involved with the Path to Peace Project.

Launched in 2005, the Path to Peace Project was built on the idea of creating change by providing income-generating opportunities to women in Rwanda. The project provides income to rural woman who were never able to earn money while keeping alive their history and culture. And also creating an American market for Rwandan women’s crafts. It created trade partnerships with artisans in recovering regions to bring the power of change to Rwanda and Indonesia.

One of the crafts, The O Bracelet, was recently featured in O Magazine. Each bracelet in this series is hand-made by two women—a weaver in Rwanda and a jewelry artist in New Orleans. Besides being a beautiful accessory, the message is all about partnership and that partnership can create great things.

The Path to Peace Project now employs thousands of weavers and impacts tens of thousands of lives. As measured by health, education, decreased violence and increased hope and reconciliation, the project has produced remarkable results and been widened to included textiles and jewelry.

For more information on how you can get involved visit

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday weigh-in

I lost 2 more lbs. this week!

I'm on a roll.

I made good food choices even in social situations.

I do have to confess though that I didn't exercise at all.

I'm really going to work harder on this. Of course I do have an excuse (mostly because I can come up with an excuse for just about anything) but I did have an extremely tough week which included me going off on someone (property manager, totally deserved) and someone going off on me (boss, totally not deserved). Pretty stressed at the moment. I've heard exercise can help with that but I'm not sure how to get myself going when I'm so exhausted and my head is constantly hurting.

Anyway, enough about that.

I lost 2 more lbs. and it's Friday.

Monday, November 16, 2009

So get this

Well, by Friday evening I'd decided that I really didn't want to go on this date and was contemplating how I was going to get out of it.

So, I decided to wait him out. See what he came up with and then let him down easy.

But as the hours passed and I hadn't heard from him I just got annoyed. What if I was sitting here waiting on this dude excited about our date. He didn't send a message canceling until almost 1 p.m. on Sunday. Something about being busy with work, here's my number, call me sometime, maybe we can reschedule.

Maybe not. Let me rephrase that, no. But, I'm not even going to respond to his email. No point.

So, that's the end to my online dating run. My membership expires in a few days. I think I may take my profile down early. I'm just over it...for now anyway. I need a break.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday weigh-in

I lost four pounds!!! Thank the Lord. Because I needed some motivation.

Now I know all about taking weight off slowly and two pounds a week is the healthiest, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And my body will totally pull the brakes on this four pounds in a week business so I'm just going to enjoy it for now.

I seem to be getting over the hump of being as hungry and my body is getting used to less calories in a day. However, weekends are always the most challenging. This weekend I'll be going to a birthday party which means I'll have to control myself around the cake, ice cream and wine (my weakness) and then the date on Sunday.

And speaking of the date on Sunday. I'm kinda over it and don't even really want to go anymore. Mostly because I'm pretty annoyed about our plans, or should I say lack there of, at this point. You know me planner, likes to know what to expect, some would say uptight, I would say suck it, whatever, I like to know when I'm doing something. And I like it when a guy knows how to plan a damn date.

He suggested the day.

I accepted and said sure let me know what you have in mind.

He suggested the city (mid way between the both of us, cool).

I said that was perfect.

He said I'm not familiar with that area.

So you know what I did? I googled it. Cause you know what? Neither am I. So sent him a message asking him what he wanted to do since he didn't ever say. Grab something to eat? Brunch? Lunch? Dinner? And provided him with a link to all the restaurants in the city.

He said I'll pick something good and get back to you.

That was Wednesday night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

She made me do it

I try not to lie...unless I'm forced to. And last night my power sculpting class instructor, she forced me to. After class as I'm putting away my hand weights she calls me out and asks me how I'm doing.

Me: I'm fine.

Her: Well, make sure you drink lots of water. You haven't been here in a long time.

Me: *Trying to hurry and get the hell outta there* OK, thanks. I will.

Her: But you have still been exercising even though you haven't been coming to this class right?

Me: Yeah, it's just really hard for me to make it here because of work and everything. (bold face lie.)

I have not been exercising and I can honestly only blame work for missing class once. The only part of that statement that was true was the "and everything" which would include me being too lazy to come to class.

Counting points is going well. The first few days of Weight Watchers (WW) are always the hardest for me. I'm currently on day three. I'm fine until about 3 p.m. and then I'm just hungry the rest of the evening. Even with my snacks and dinner. But I'll pull through because I know it will get easier as my body gets used to it.


Funny Man finally asked me out on a date for this Sunday. About time. I guess he could sense he was losing me since it took me a week to respond to his last email. I know that's not cool on my part but I was having a rough week and he wasn't giving me anything to get excited about. Hopefully we'll get along well in real life.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Taking control

I've gained two pounds. Not too bad considering I've been eating everything I want. And I mean everything. And not working out.

It's getting really ugly. So ugly, I actually emptied my work trash can this morning before the trash guy, who I flirt with like a middle schooler came to empty it, because all it was filled with was candy wrappers.

Yes, I'm that sad.

On both fronts, flirting with the 20-year-old-janitor and hiding my eating habits from him. And I guess there's a third front, the fact that I have a trash can filled with nothing but candy wrappers. You know since I'm trying to lose weight and all.

Anyway, I have to take control of this situation. If I stay on this path I know what can happen. I gained 20 pounds between September and December of last year.

I know my issues. I L-O-V-E food. Even when I'm not hungry. I over eat. My portions are insane.

So, I decided to join weight watchers online again. I know it's going to be extremely hard to stick to during this time of year but the program has worked for me in the past. And I need the visual. Keeping track in my head isn't working.

Not much excitement on the dating front. I didn't go out with the guy I talked to last week. I never heard from him again. I am having issues with my phone so if he called and didn't leave a message it's like it never happened. But the way I see it is he could've tried again, left a message or emailed me. So anyway, I've also been emailing another guy who is really funny BUT I'm getting bored because he hasn't made a move to meet up or even talk on the phone. Which means, I'm going to have to do it or I'll get bored enough to just let him go.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elevator Etiquette

I use three elevators to maneuver between my car and office everyday. And I've noticed that some people obviously weren't taught proper etiquette for elevator usage. So I've come up with some simple rules to follow.

1. Whoever is waiting for the elevator first, gets on the elevator first. I walked up, pushed the button and have been waiting so don't come from behind, throw your shoulder in front of me and get on the elevator first. Not cool.

2. Once you're on the elevator move to the back. If you don't you're blocking the way for others to get on.

3. If you are with a group of friends don't lolly gag getting on the elevator. You and your friends my be blowing off work but some of us are try to get to the cafeteria a meeting.

4. Same for getting off the elevator. When the doors open. Get the hell off. You can finish your story outside of the elevator.

5. Once you are off keep walking. Believe it or not there were other people on the elevator with you and they'd like to exit, but you are blocking their way because you stopped two steps outside the elevator door.

6. If you are a man, do the gentleman like thing. Before entering/exiting put your arm up so the elevator doors don't close on me and allow me to enter/exit first. I'm very appreciative of this gesture and will award you with a very sweet smile and thank you.

7. Hold cell phone calls until after you get off the elevator. Your call will more than likely be dropped and it's annoying for others to have to listen to you yell hello, hello, hello...

8. Never enter the elevator backwards. I understand you're wrapping up a conversation with someone not entering, but when you do this you fail to see me, already standing in the elevator because you aren't paying attention. Now you're standing way to close to me, I can smell your shampoo because the back of your head is and inch from my nose and I'm forced to clear my throat to make you aware that you aren't alone in here.

9. Don't hold the elevator for your entire posse. There are four other elevators available in this section of the building. Me + 12 of you = circus act that I didn't ask to be apart of. (Seriously, 12. I counted.)

10. And for the love of all that is holy, don't fart. It's just fucking rude.

P.S. I conveniently forgot to weigh today. Maybe it's because I've been stuffing my face with Halloween candy. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's over

I officially told the Italian Stallion to suck it. Well, not really. I was much nicer and said something along to lines of "this isn't going to work out." Wish I could say the same thing about him.

It came to an end because I couldn't take his only coming around when it was convenient for him and last minute dates any longer. We planned to get together the Wednesday after I got back from Vegas but since I was sick I rescheduled for this past Monday. Monday came, I hadn't heard from him, I sent a text asking if we were still on. No response. I called and left a message. No response. No response until 10 p.m. Monday night saying he'd been fishing with his dad all day. So, I was over it. Dad in hospital, good excuse. Fishing with Dad, not. Especially without a phone call the day before.

I guess he's not used to being the dumpee but that's really no excuse for put downs or the little argument that followed. Seriously, we went out on three dates.

And he really has a skewed perception of what getting to know someone entails and thinks what I'm asking for (not going M.I.A., which he can't recall, and not asking me out at the last minute) is too much since I haven't "given him anything" yet. (He's funny!) He admitted that he didn't call on Monday becuase the date totally slipped his mind. (So, you forgot about seeing me?) He also proceeded to tell me that he didn't understand why I'm doing this since it's not like I have anything going on. I don't have any guys lined up. (Ha! WTF, dude. Your ego really got the best of you.) And that's when I cut him off and told him to quit talking.

Even after all his back and forth I wanted to remember him as a decent guy who I went out with a few times and had fun. But now I'm left with memories of his douchiness.

Anyway, there is actually a new guy. I'm excited. He's the first new one in a couple of months. We just "met" this weekend and talked on the phone last night. And he seems nice and we have a few things in common. (He's already earned a gold star for not calling at all hours of the night and following through. And by all hours, I mean 10 p.m. on a work night. As I mentioned before, I go to bed early. So instead he sent a text saying he didn't know if it was too late (it was) so he'd call the next day. And, he did. Considerate, yes.) We talked about meeting up, maybe this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I’m Back!

Well, I’ve been back but caught some freakin’ bug on the way home and have been laid up for a couple days. On a positive note, I lost four pounds because of it. Thank you, swine flu.

I had an awesome time in Vegas! I had a chance to meet and learn a lot at SITScation from some of my favorite women bloggers who I’ve been stalking for months.

I made a few new friends at TAO on Friday night.

And of course, I finally had the chance meet my future husband, Mr. Justin Timberlake. (I know you’ve seen the articles that he’s still with that one chick but I’m here to tell you he’s all mine.)

I was into him before but after seeing him strut his stuff live…I’m smitten, maybe even borderline obsessed.

Here's a little taste for ya!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday weigh-in

It's official--I've gained two pounds since last week's weigh-in.

What drives me crazy about this losing (or not) weight stuff is that when I'm actually trying, I gain, and when I'm not, I lose.

I need a new game plan.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I had a lot of fun on the date last Thursday. So much fun I didn’t get in until 1:30 p.m. And I paid for it at work the next day. (Who am I?)

We did have a talk about actually scheduling a date in advance with me too. We’ll see how it goes but this week is filling up and I haven't heard from him yet. Well, haven't heard from him isn't entirely true, but he hasn't asked me out yet. Not good.

Friday Weigh-in

I lost a pound. Not sure what this week holds though since I snuck on the scale yesterday and found myself four pounds heavier. Sigh.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A little spontaneity, please

I’m not a spontaneous person. I’m just not. I’m a planner to the core. I’m the type of person who plans to do nothing. Meaning, if I’ve been running around like crazy and need a day to chill, I plan it and let people know. For example, Sunday I’m doing nothing. Just so you know.

So anyway, the Italian Stallion and I (you can read about our non-eventful first date here) have been having a hard time getting it together. He’s obviously a laid back, fly by the seat of his pants kinda guy. Me? Absolutely not. His approach: asking me out on the same day (I’m a busy girl, you have to get on my calendar if you want to see me), calling too late at night (I go to bed early because I need my beauty sleep), I let him know good days to plan something and he went MIA (what?).

So, when he asked me out last week I told him that it just wasn’t going to work out between us. He couldn’t plan a date with me in advance, so I obviously wasn’t a priority to him.

But did he go away? Nope. He set a date and wore me down.

We went out on Monday…and I had a great time. And there may, or may not have been some end of the night kissing. (Don’t judge, it’s been a long time)

He’s really funny. And I love funny! And he’s a guy, with dude hobbies. (Hard to find in a city full of metrosexuals) He holds down a professional nine to five AND he likes to work on cars and has a boat and fishes. And I’m digging that! Not sure where this is going, if anywhere, but for now it’s fun, and that’s good.

That is until I turned back into myself this morning when asked me out again—for tonight. Really? Back to that again? My first reaction was to tell him no. And I did. I have plans. I’m going to my power sculpting class after work and then enjoying the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.

I shared this with BFF (who’s been on this dudes side from the beginning) who gave me a swift kick in the ass lovingly guided me to see the beauty of my situation. She told me to stop thinking so much and just go. This is the time in your life to be spontaneous. You’ll miss the freedom once it’s no longer an option. One day you’ll be stuck walking up and down the street looking for your kid’s lost shoe…for the third time, like me. I wish I could just go workout and then go on a date.

And when she put it that way, she’s absolutely right. Thanks BFF! Maybe I do need to loosen up and just go with the flow a little more often. I’m single and young (kinda) and should be having fun, damn it!

So, I sent him a text and told him to meet me at 8:30 p.m. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday weigh-in

It's been awhile since I've posted...but since I haven't lost or gained in the last two weeks let's just pretend it hasn't been because honestly, you haven't missed a thing.

Nothing good that is.

All bad stuffing my face, drinking and not exercising.

I survived my brother's visit with out gaining weight which is pretty much a miracle. I'm not even going to lie and say I made the best food choices. There were just so many opportunities not to. (Do people really order wheat buns at Johnny Rockets? Seems pointless if you're getting the cheeseburger and onion rings.) And nothing is better after a night of drinking than a Philly cheese steak. (The grease absorbs the alcohol. Really. It does.)

My choices haven't been as terrible this week but I know my portions have been on the grand side.

So stepping on the scale this morning I fully expected to see the numbers go up but nope, nothing. So I'm pretty freakin' happy about that.

Now it's back to working out and scaling down the portions. Seriously. I mean, I'm going to Vegas in a month to see my man and I don't want to feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Don't hate

I have a date and I’m so excited!

We decided to meet up in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort while I’m there for SITScation and he’ll be in town for business.

It’s still over a month away (October 17) but I just can’t stop thinking about it! What I'm I going to wear, dress or pants? Heels or flats? Hair up or down?

You may know my love interest.

His name is Justin Timberlake. I call him J.T. cause we’re cool like that.

And yeah, I guess he’s going to be there with some friends (Taylor Swift, Ciara, Alicia Keys, TLC (the living members)) and there will be like 12,000 other people there. But there’s not a doubt in my mind that he’ll be singing to me. Oh yeah!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday weigh-in

I didn’t lose any weight this week.

Not one measly little pound.

Not an ounce.

I’m trying not to get discouraged. I mean, at least I didn’t gain any weight.

Next week could get very ugly though. My younger brother is coming to visit and will be staying with me for six days. That’s six days where a lot can go wrong. Fast food, drinking, funnel cakes at Six Flags, drinking, movie theater popcorn, drinking.

I do plan on cooking while he’s here but I’m not going to make him eat grilled chicken and broccoli either. I’m not that mean. So I’m going to focus on eating smaller portions and making the best choices possible when we are out. However, that does not mean that I’m going deprive myself of some treats…mainly the funnel cake. I'll just make him walk around the park really fast in hopes that it'll help burn off the extra calories. Or I could just get on some crazy spinning ride that makes me puke. Ride-induced bulimia. Hmmm. Totally kidding!

There really won’t be that much drinking, on my part anyway, and that's mainly because I’m old and don’t bounce back the next day like I used to.

So anyway, here's the plan: squeeze in an extra workout before he comes, make the best food choice possible, watch my portions, limit the drinking, and ride-induced bulimia. Kidding, kidding.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Shortest blog post ever

This will be short but I just wanted to give you a quick up date.

Weight loss

I didn't lose any weight this week but did manage to shed a total of 1.75 inches from my arms, hips and waist. I'll take it as a success!


Silence...that's what I've gotten from him. So, I'm moving toward the "he can suck it" phase of our short lived "relationship."


Monday, August 24, 2009

THE Date

I had a great time on my date yesterday, even though there was some sweating (on my part, of course) and I felt way over dressed for the occasion.

But we really do have a lot in common and I'm still interested in getting to know him better (which I let him know) but the question is, is he?

So the waiting begins.

Is he going to call to see me again? Will he just want to be friends? Guess we'll see.

I'm actually cool with it either way. I calmed down about the whole thing on Saturday before meeting him. Because really, I am who I am, and if he can't appreciate how awesome I am, even if I do get sweaty, and shy, and I'm still working on losing these extra pounds I keep finding, then that's his loss.

I'll keep you posted!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Is it fate?

I have a date on Sunday and guess what? I’m interested in him. I mean, I like what I know so far and want to get to know him better, which is really weird because I usually don’t like anyone am very particular. But now I’m really nervous, and I’m freaking out because I’m scared he’s not gonna like me. We have a lot in common except…he’s really in shape and as you know; I’m a work in progress.

So here’s the back story…

Once upon a time, About two years ago, there was a princess I moved from a small town in Florida to the DC metro area. It was a great opportunity and a wonderful way to get away from the commitment phobe-ex-boyfriend change of scenery. I would be close to BFF, start a great new job, and of course meet the man of my dreams be exposed to a bigger pool of available men.

After getting settled the match making began. A friend of BFF’s decided to put me in touch with an eligible bachelor. I was the new girl in town, would he be available to show me around? He agreed.

I was very hesitant and not sure if I was really ready to move on but was forced encouraged by BFF to email him. We emailed back and forth a few times but both of schedules were full, I just started a new job and was getting ready to go home for Christmas, and he's really busy at work during the end of the year, so we agreed to meet up after I got back in town.

So naturally I saw the ex while visiting Florida, got sucked back in, and decided that I wasn’t interested in meeting up with the new guy.

Fast forward two years….

Obviously things didn’t work out between me and the ex since, he's my ex, I'm still single, and I’ve been sharing my horror interesting online dating stories with you. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was reading this guy’s profile and he said that his mom is German and his dad is black and he is often mistaken for being Latino. I thought this was funny since I’m the same “mixture” and can’t tell you how often people just start speaking Spanish to me. Anyway, I emailed him and shared my little story with him totally not expecting to hear back from him. But I did. And then I looked at his profile name…and I started questioning whether this could be the same guy that I totally ditched a couple years earlier.

Granted it was a common name but ya never know, right? Anyway, we kept communicating and then he friended me on Facebook and his first and last name matched up.

I’m usually against friending people on FB that I don’t know in real life but I made an exception because there are exceptions to every rule and I can decided to change them as I please I was hoping he’d have an email address listed so I could make sure the name isn’t just a coincidence. And he did and yes, it’s him.

I shared this information with him and he vaguely remembers me. (Won’t hold that against him because I don’t expect that little bit of emailing we did to hold a spot in his brain like it did mine. You know, I’m the one who has been sitting here regretting not ever contacting him again.)

But now we’re going out on Sunday and did I mention that I'm freaking out. I don’t know what I’m going to wear (besides my spanx), and I’m afraid I’m going to say something stupid, or worse clam up and become mute, and I’m really afraid I’m going to start sweating profusely. Which is actually a legitimate concern. Aahhh! I’ll let you know how it goes.


I did it! I lost two pounds this week. I’m totally into it now and have the motivation to keep it up. I will need to be extra disciplined in the coming weeks because my Power Sculpting class won’t be meeting for two weeks. They claim it’s a summer break but I overheard the instructor say something about not hiring temporary instructors and budget cuts. Grrr.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just call me Bat Girl

I have a bat living on my balcony--again. Not sure if it’s the same little guy who decided he wanted to be my roommate last year but if it is I’m not sure why he didn’t get the hint that I wasn’t in the market for a roommate when I sicced pest control on him. He really wouldn’t bother me if he didn’t make so much mess. And by mess I mean using my balcony as a litter box. When I go to sit on my balcony to relax, read a magazine and enjoy a glass of wine, I don’t want to step in bat shit. So pest control has been called--again.

In other news, my date Monday night went well. He was funny and kept me laughing, which I love. But his humor was definitely crass and borderline offensive. Luckily for him, I’m the type of girl who can take it and don’t offend easily. We seemed to click well as friends, so you never really know, but at this point I don’t think it will turn into anything more.

I’m still on track making good food choices and working out. I have two workouts under my belt this week and have two more planned. The next big weigh-in is Friday. Shooting for two pounds off…


Friday, August 14, 2009

First Friday weigh-in

Drum roll, please......

I lost two pounds.

Yay! It's not much but definitely what I needed to keep me motivated.

I'm trying a new approach too. Not to get all new-age self-helpish on you but I'm going to try to do more positive self talk. I've been pretty down in the dumps the last couple of weeks so I'm trying to pick myself up and snap out of this funk. I read an article about things we tell ourselves that could be sabotaging our own best efforts to lose weight. Unfortunately, I do this--a lot. So enough already, I'm moving on to positive thinking.

And in the wonderful world of dating....

I'm currently in the process of narrowing down the number of guys I'm virtually dating for a couple of reasons. One, "talking" to nine different guys is overwhelming. And two, it's also totally unnecessary because I'm only even remotely interested in possibly ever meeting up with three of them. So I don't really even see a point in emailing, texting, playing phone tag with the others anymore.

I'll be meeting up with one of the more interesting ones next week. And I'm even looking forward to it. His profile made me laugh, we've had good email communication back and forth, and he asked me out pretty quickly. That's what I like. Let's just meet and see how this face to face thing goes. Why waste time emailing for weeks? Again, I'm not doing this for a pen pal.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Dating pet peeves

Tardiness: I’m here, why aren’t you? If you aren’t sure how to get here or how long it will take, give yourself extra time and leave early. I don’t like sitting at the bar alone waiting for you to show up.

Not doing what you say you’re going to do: If you tell me you’re are going to call me over the weekend. Do it. You come off as uninterested and unreliable when you don’t follow through.

Memory lapses: I understand you are probably communicating with more women than just me. I understand how online dating works. But I also understand that since we are communicating through email there are written notes for you to refer back to before asking me some lame ass question that I clearly gave you the answer to two messages ago. Please try to pay attention and remember what I’m sharing with you about my life. And if you can’t, look back over your notes before asking me anything. This is an open book test, you can use your notes, I won’t know.

Not inquisitive enough: If you are really trying to get to know me I’d think that you ask me a little more than, “how was your day?” Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the questions but that’s not going to help you figure out who I really am. No family questions, no career questions, not even a what’s your favorite movie question.


Still no batteries, still no weigh in. I went to a little store I refer to as hell on earth, other people like to call it Wal-mart, and came up empty handed again. I’m actually thinking I’m going to change my weigh-in day to Friday. I think weighing in before the weekend might give me a little more will power to continue making good food choices throughout the weekend. And this gives me a couple more days to track down these stupid batteries.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Enough with the tears

I survived the Power Sculpting class last night. It was...intense, emotionally and physically, to say the least, but I'll be going back and making it a regular part of my routine.

The class was described as high energy and let me tell you, it was. There was barely any time for me to get a sip of water and to wipe the sweat off my brow. But I liked it.

What I didn't like was how self-conscious I felt. First, all the women attending were thin so I felt like the fatty in the room. Second, I sweat like a beast so there I am the fatty who's sweating like a pig and third, I had to use lighter weights than everyone else because I have absolutely no arm strength. By the end I wanted to cry.

The instructor even came up and asked me if I was OK at the end of the class. Which I was, but all the sweating and red face may have made her think otherwise. She did say that I seemed to be in pretty good shape and that I had good form. The in good shape part is totally inaccurate and I think the good form is in part to working out in years past. Meaning, I know how to do it, I just haven't been.

But I still wanted to cry. That is until I watched More to Love last night. Is it just me or are those broads annoying? Stop it with the water works. I can tell you, dudes don't like it when you cry on a date. And they especially don't like it if you're crying because your fat. He said he likes big girls, that's why you're on the show. Stop talking about it already.

And while I'm on the subject, why are these women so unlikeable? They're all coming across as either way too aggressive, catty, slutty, or needy. And I was hoping Kristian would get sent home last night. I think she's a cute girl but I can't take her talking about how much she likes this dude. It's a little freaky, and frankly I'm embarrassed for her.

And Luke, the bachelor, still creeps me out. Not sure what it is but I'm not digging him.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Weigh in

The weigh in ain't happening today. My scale isn't working.


I forgot to pick up batteries over the weekend.

I've tried taking them out and putting them back in. Switching them around. Shaking the scale. Because these little tricks work sometimes, squeezing out just enough juice to get a reading.

But not today.

For the time being I'm going to assume that the numbers didn't change any from last week.

I didn't start off this week making very good food choices. I went to the zoo with 3T and the dudes today and had a cheeseburger with fries for lunch.

But we walked a lot and I have an exercise plan for the rest of the week.

Tuesday: Power sculpting class
Wednesday: Gym after work (elliptical machine and weight room)
Thursday: Power sculpting class

I haven't been to the power sculpting class but hope I like it. I just do so much better with instructed exercise. There's an official end time so I'm forced to continue sweating until the class is over. Plus they're more fun to me, which is really what gets me to not blow them off in the first place. I just need to find a routine that works and stick to it.

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Weigh-in day

I gained a pound but I expected it so I’m not all down about it. I’m getting back on the wagon this week, so from here on out it’s positive thinking, eating right and working my ass off—literally. I’m going to take it one day at a time and not throw in the towel because of little setbacks. One day of bad eating shouldn’t turn into the rest of the week because hey, I already blew it anyway.


Dating in the Dark

I’m probably one of the few people in America who actually watches this show but I like watching mindless trash. And I especially like watching shows that I can picture myself in the situation of the people appearing in them. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, the premise is three guys and three girls live in a house and go on “dates” in one room of the house which is completely dark. They can’t see anything, nothing , nada. So, here are a few thoughts on the show:

• I don’t think this would ever work for me. First, there is no way that I would get all touchy feely after such a short time. But these people are all into the touching and making out. Second, I don’t think looks are everything, but if you’re not a looker I need to see you while I’m getting to know you so it’s not such a shock and your looks can grow on me.

• I love their facial expressions when they get the first look at who they’ve been getting cozy with. The other person can’t see it and it’s usually written all over their face if they were hoping for or picturing someone much hotter.
• Last night the guys and girls got to go through each other’s suitcases. The guys pull out a pair of pants belonging to one of the girls and one says, “Size four. That’s good! That means she’s curvy.” Seriously? Size four? Curvy?

• I liked that one of the guys decided to continue dating a girl that he had a great connection with even though she wasn’t his “type”—blonde and petite.


Dating in Real Life

I’m not sure if it’s me or if there are just really mostly losers out there. I finally heard from one of the men I “winked” at again, the one who I played phone tag with last week. He called twice on Sunday. I knew I wasn’t really into his voice but figured he can’t help. Just like I can’t help that my voice is slightly deeper than most women, or so I’ve been told. 3T’s husband likes to call me Barry White, but for the record, it’s not that bad. I’ve never been mistaken for a man, not even on the phone.

So anyway, I let both calls go to voicemail but returned his call yesterday. And his voice was even worse than on the message. So bad that I thought I had the wrong number. And after talking to him I’m questioning his sexual preference. I cut the conversation off when he asked, “What would it take for you to come out and play?” Gag.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Hey, gurrrl! What's your name?

Why is it that guys who you would like to show interest in you don’t but the random guys (garbage man, janitor, guy with gold teeth pulling fives kids behind him) do. What gives these guys the balls to say hello and the others not?

Now, I’m not saying I’m the kind of girl who gets all offended by cat calls, I’m totally not. I’ll take positive attention anywhere I can get it. Plus, my mom told me that it doesn’t last forever so enjoy it while it lasts and work your shit. Ha! OK, I added in the work your shit part but I know that’s what she meant you get the point.

So anyway, I’ll use last night as an example. I went with 3T and her crew to see the Washington Mystics play at the Verizon Center. (You can check out how it was here.) I was “acknowledged” by the METRO train driver, and a couple losers men at the stadium both who may or may not have had gold teeth, but one definitely was holding a young child.

I was also fully expecting to get hit on by at least one woman because one, the Mystics are a WNBA team and women athletic teams sometimes draw women who love women to them. And two, if it was going to happen to either me or 3T the stars would align and it would be me. But that didn’t happen either.

The thing is that while on the train there were at least two nicely dressed professional looking males, who weren’t wearing wedding bands, in close proximity to us. I would have welcomed conversation from either. But these guys didn’t even give me a glance. What’s up with that? I feel like the guys that I consider worthwhile are probably considered worthwhile by plenty of women so they can have their pick of the litter. And more and more woman are becoming leg-spreading whores overly agressive allowing men to sit back and not put forth any effort.

In online dating I’m noticing that men actually seem like they want me to chase them.

And, I. Will. Not.

The closest I’ve gotten to making the first move is sending a wink. All this does is alert the person that I like what I see. It took the first guy two weeks to respond. I had pretty much written him off when he sent an email, I responded, phone numbers were exchanged. And then he calls on Tuesday at 9:30 in the morning. What?!? I couldn’t answer because like most people who work full time, I was at work. I returned his call later that evening, left a voice message and have yet to hear back from him. WTF?

The second guy responded immediately with a wink. No message, just a wink. I was thinking man, why don’t these guys make a move? But, about an hour later he did, and sent me an email saying he was impressed with my profile and would like to chat. I provided him with my personal email address, which I can access during the day from work, and my number and told him I was looking forward to getting to know him better. And do you know how the ass responded? He sent me his email address and number and said keep in touch. WTF?

I. Will. Not.

I do know that I need to put forth some effort and go after what I want and I'm working on that. But have men been so spoiled by overly aggressive women that they’ve gotten lazy?

Being a member of an online dating site doesn’t change the fact that I want to be pursued. But preferably by a rich, hot, tall, good-looking man, with a great personality and sense of humor.

Is that too much to ask for?


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not good

Warning: this post is being written during a flare up of my chronic bitchitis*

I suck.

I suck hard.

I’ve gained three pounds since last week.

And I suck because I knew it was going to happen and didn’t do anything to prevent or even minimize it.

Exercise? Huh, what’s that?

And I’ve been eating like a pig. Stuffing my face.

As I write I’m surrounded by nilla wafers, gummi bears and Hershey’s kisses.

I finished a Smartones meal and decided to take a walk to get some fresh air. Well, I ran into a co-worker on the elevator and got to talking and ended up right in front of the snack shop where I went in and proceeded to buy a bunch of snacks, then instead of going on a walk, came back to my desk and started munching.


I need to pull it together.

*Bitchitis: A non life threatening disease which causes a person to act extremely bitchy. Symptoms include complaining, moodiness, short temper, having a sucky attitude, loss of sense of humor, heightened sensitivity, i.e. emotional basket case. Symptoms may be exacerbated by a visit from Aunt Flo.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What? Really?

First, thanks to everyone for your lovely birthday wishes! I had a great weekend!

(Yes I'm the girl who never, ever celebrates just once. I mean, my birthday only rolls around once a year, may as well make the most of it.)

Two dates, a GNO and a day to recoup on Monday. Awesome!

Second, the amazing thing is that I'm two pounds lighter than last week's weigh in. So, either the weight I gained was water bloat from all the beer, the birthday weekend gorging hasn't caught up to me yet (please refer to GNO above), or my body just does whatever the hell it wants, which would explain why I'm not making much progress in my weight loss battle...sigh.

And, I've got nothin' new to report on the dating front....double sigh.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is this a Joke?

So the internet dating thing provides me with lots of laughs.

I thought I’d share with you, one of the so sad it’s funny funnier emails I’ve received:

Look you are the only one that i could wright to so i hope this goes some where like atlease being friends. I'm ready for a relationship it's just find that right woman to be the one that i would always look up to no matter what. The ups an downs in a relationship help build one very strong. Hope to here from you soon. My yahoo address is xxxx82 1

I’ll admit, I laughed out loud after reading the first line. “Look you are the only one that I could wright to.”

Way to charm me buddy.

I mean, he’s not “wrighting” to me because he finds me incredibly funny, or beautiful, or because he wants to, but because I’m pretty much his only option.

Great, because I don’t love feeling special at all.

As you can see the next three sentences are just a mess. Such a mess they actually made me feel a little bad for the dumb schmuck poor guy.

And then he signs off with the wrong email address because if this were truly his yahoo address, I’m pretty sure it would end in But maybe, I’m wrong, doubt it, but hey.

And just in case you’re curious, me and mr.-should-have-someone-proof-all-his-writing-before-making-contact-with-a-potential-date are not “atlease” friends.


1. Name has been blocked to protect his stupidity.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Been A Loooooong Time

Since I posted here.

Coupla reasons.

First, I'm busy as crap right now. It's summer, the dudes are home (and all up in my grill), and I have like a billion (that's for you TOL) other blogs and articles and stuff to write.

Second, this blog seems to work just fine w/o my input. TOL does an awesome job writing and posting and keeping us all entertained with her adventures in man hunting. Plus, and this will lead to my third reason, she has plenty to say about her weight loss battle.

Third, and probably most importantly, I've got nothin'. Nothin' good, nothin' bad... nothin'. I try not to think about my fatness any more than I have to (which, since the dudes are in swim class right now and I spend a ridiculous amount of time around the pool which is staffed by a number of smoking-hot-for-a-fifteen-year-old-are-you-sure-you're-not-20 teeny boppers, is way more than say, last week).

I am basically on a eat what I want, avoid the scale, and try to exercise it off weight loss plan.

So how's that working for me?

It's probably not, but since I've been quite effective at number two, avoiding the scale, my clothes don't seem to be getting tighter, and I'm happy, I can honestly say I don't freakin' care.

I enjoyed about 12 cupcakes this past weekend (that holiday again), and I will be trying to swim in some chocolate for TOL's bday, so I really can not say that I am hugely concerned with my "plan" at the moment.

Besides, someone gave me a compliment at the pool (you know, one of those awkward ones where she was trying to appreciate my new look without acknowledging that I was disgusting before. I just wanted to say, "I get it! I was fat, and nasty, and jiggly, and gross! And, I looked like crap! Just say it already." But, I let her stumble around, and then I finally let her off with a "thank you".).

Which means that I will be fully enjoying my week off (which has turned into more like a month), and will try to try again after TOL's big day.

Hope all of you are faring better:)! -3T

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I fell off the wagon and am being dragged through the dirt behind it.

I gained three pounds.

Go figure. What else is new?

I consumed a couple a lot of beer over the weekend (Happy birthday America!)

And will partake in more celebrating this weekend (Happy birthday to me!)

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hometown date

What’s in a Name broke the asking me out for Sunday lunch date tradition. Instead, he asked if I would meet him in NORTH CAROLINA for the day. (That’s where he’ll be this weekend.)

And in case you don’t know, I live in Maryland.

Yeah, he’s willing to buy me a plane ticket to spend the day with him. What is this? I’m I secretly on the Bachelorette? Who offers up a hometown date this soon?

If I were a daring person I probably would’ve taken him up on the offer. Unfortunately for him, I am not. I’m the no-need-to-pick-me-up-I’ll-meet-you-there-because-I-met-you-on-the-internet-and-you-might-kill-me kinda girl.

Now, if he were offering up Jamaica, I may have jetted off.

Of course, BFF was urging me to go just for story’s sake. I’m happy enough using the offer as my “story.”


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I’m down a pound this week! Yay!

Not sure if I’ll be singing the same tune next week. This week is already shaping up to be pretty stressful.

Work deadlines, ex-boyfriend drama, and rental property mess.

I eat when I’m stressed.

Not good.

Seriously, is it really only Tuesday?

And an update on the dates over the weekend:

The Chubster is out, What’s in a Name still on, for now.

The Chubster just really rubbed me the wrong way on our date. He was late, which I can’t stand, I was there five minutes early not sure what his problem was. And I’m not being overly anal about it. He was late on the first date too, but I gave him a pass because DC traffic can be a bitch and he did call to let me know. But again, somehow I managed to make it on time.

So anyway, he was all antsy because there was a 30-minute wait, he tried to talk me into leaving (I was not) and going somewhere else (the town center), even though I just ordered a glass of wine. And it was Friday night, where wasn’t there going to be a wait? We stayed and we were seated right after I sipped, ok chugged, my refreshing glass of wine.

The next hour consisted of him coming off as cheap and old. Then the check came and he wanted to hop up immediately and go to—the town center (what is it with him and the town center?) and walk around. Not sure why we couldn’t sit at the table continue talking and enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant he chose (a really cool Greek place!) but whatever, instead I went home.

Haven’t heard from him since. Hope I don’t.

I feel very blah towards What’s in a Name. He doesn’t say much but when he does it’s way too intense. Like, what’s your greatest wish?

Um, yeah, my greatest wish at this very moment is that you would tell me I look nice today because honestly I did put some effort into this, next time I won’t. Or wait, my greatest wish is that you were someone else…

And he only asks me out for Sunday afternoons. What’s up with that?

He’ll be out of town this weekend so I have some time to think about whether or not I’ll see him again. Who knows maybe he’ll do something incredibly charming in the next week and a half.

Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

This week’s weigh in was uneventful.

Nothing lost but most importantly nothing gained.

I haven’t taken my measurements in a few weeks but the pants I’m wearing today feel a little looser around the waist. I’d say not feeling like I’m going to bust out of my clothes all day is a step in the right direction.

I’m not even gonna lie and tell you that I’ve been exercising like crazy, because the truth is I haven’t.

I’ve only been to the gym once since enrolling and I’ve only gotten one workout in this week. I know if I want to continue to see results I need to pick it up.

So here’s the plan for next week:

Monday and Wednesday: gym after work
Thursday: core conditioning class during lunch.
Friday: DVD at home (day off of work for 4th of July holiday)

I have some concerns about exercising during lunch because as I’ve mentioned before I sweat like a pig. So I might not be able to swing getting myself presentable again and back to the office before anyone realizes I’ve been gone far longer than my allotted lunch break.

And on the dating front:

Going out with What’s in a Name and The Chubster (it’s been confirmed) again this weekend. This will be the second date for both and will hopefully give me some answers to what I’m feeling.

Boyfriend or just friends?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So. Very. Fat.

Pretty much sums up how I'm feeling today.

Went to the pool w/the dudes, so that sorta ruined my not-doing-too-bad-lookin'-kinda-fly mojo that I've been on lately.

You know, the one that allowed me to give up my I'm an ex-chubby-chick-trying-to-lose-weight-blog for like a week.

Although, I must say that going to the pool also reminded me that I could be doing soooo much worse... there were some chicks there that were, let's say, well fed and not afraid to flaunt it.

Nevertheless, I'm officially back to hating my thighs and my waist line and my back (oh, the bloody back).

And, I guess the only way to get myself back in gear is to talk about it constantly, obsess over it until I can no longer stand the sound of my voice, and blog about it religiously for all the world to see.

By far, the worst part of my day has been the repeated stuffing of my face with the most delicious Crisco packed chocolate chip cookies you ever did see.

I'm so hating myself right now for overindulging in these fat laden goodies that I would seriously shoot myself right now.

If I didn't want to have another. I would do it. I really would!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did you have a good workout?

I’ve been asked twice this week.

Once by a guy who was obviously just trying to make conversation as we were waiting for the elevator leaving the gym.

I was merely enrolling at that point. I explained that to him, we made small talk about the fitness center, I introduced myself….and then he inquired about when I planned on doing my workouts. He was kinda cute so I’m hoping to run into him again. Hopefully before I start my workout and am sweating like a pig.

Anyway, not the point of this post.

The second time was from the gym trainer as I was heading out.

“Did you have a good workout?”

Face red, shirt wet with sweat, walking slowly. It was obvious I had.

But I’m wondering, can you ever really have a bad workout?

I mean, as far as I’m concerned, any time I workout I would described it as good because I could’ve been sitting on my ass eating chocolate cake instead.

But maybe that’s just me.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

B is for Summer

Summer started with a B-ang.

B-aked goods...

B-each time...

B-aby pool...

and B-ackyard baseball.

Keep this up and I might have to retract all of my previous statements in which I bashed summer vacay and everything it stands for.

I'm sure tomorrow will have me swallowing my words, but today was B-eautiful.

Oh, and the cupcakes...

They were made with a diet soda and 50% less sugar icing.

Believe it or not they were also pretty tasty! Which is why I am so glad they were less fattening because I ate like 2 (or possibly 5, I sorta lost count).

Monday, June 15, 2009

What's the Point?

Of me posting on here anymore?

I rarely lose weight; I hardly even try.

I'm over using humiliation in front of the entire world (via the Internet) as a motivation to lose weight; because I obviously have no shame and can not be humiliated despite how much I suck.

And, I'm sure you are getting tired of listening to my half-ass attempts to exercise, eat right, and increase my sexy; because guess what, me too. I'm getting sick of myself talking about what I'm NOT doing to get myself to my happy weight.

Not to say that I'm going to go back to stuffing my face and sitting on my rump, 'cause I'm not.

I'm just not going to post about it so much anymore until I am actually doing something (or seeing a change) worth bragging sharing about.

So, expect to see fewer posts from me about my weight loss (although I reserve the right to talk about whatever other crap I'm interested in).

Besides, wouldn't you rather read more about TOL's online dating escapades, 'cause I know I would.

Hey, nothing like living vicariously through others; that's what I always say. Why focus on your own life when you can be all up in someone else's. Obviously I'm not alone in this feeling (see success of the reality TV industry).

P.S. If you miss me too desperately you can visit me here:)

Happy Day

Today was weigh-in day and I’m down THREE pounds.

Hells yeah!

I’m joining the gym at work today. Aerobics is over and it just makes the most sense financially and in terms of convenience.

On the dating front, I met a new guy, What’s in a Name (he has the same name as the ex).

We met for lunch but I don’t really have anything to say about him—good or bad. Not sure what that means at this point. I’m still over analyzing in my head.

Guess I'm kinda disappointed though because before we met I really thought I might like this one. Oh well.

So anyway, wish me luck on the weight loss because if I gain even a pound back next week I think I might flip my lid. So tired of the up and down.


Friday, June 12, 2009


I met the Young One yesterday.

I was pleasantly surprised.

He was better looking in person than in his pictures.

He was on time.

He was nice.

We had a good conversation.

There’s just one thing though….he’s gay and I’m not sure if he knows.

I however, knew right away.

“Hey, so nice to meet you! Nice bag!”

Yeah, his second sentence was nice bag. And not only did he say nice bag, he actually grabbed it to get a better look.

I had my suspicions going in. He’s really into fashion design. But whatever, so is Justin Timberlake, right?

I don’t know maybe he’s not gay, just feminine.

I don’t really care though. He was cool and I'd hang out with him again. Every girl could totally use a gay husband.

He can be Will and I can be Grace.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guess who’s back

Me! And I’m down a pound from last week.

I did have a really rough weekend though. I didn’t have any plans so I spent a lot of time at home. When I’m at home, I eat. And I ate a lot.

Cookies, tortellini, country ribs, chocolate covered pretzels. (And we’re not talking normal portions here.)

Anyway, I got my mind right again. I’m back on the wagon, taking it one day at a time. So far, so good.

I’ve also had A LOT going on on the guy front. Here’s a quick summary:

Oh Young One: First one I’m actually going to meet up with for a drink (or two). He’s younger than me, six years younger, and it seems like we are in totally different points in our lives so I don’t really see it going anywhere but what will a drink hurt? Plus, he’s lived in this area for awhile so maybe he could suggest a new hotspot for me to check out on my birthday. (It never hurts to start planning early.)

Texting King: He gave himself the moniker. I would say he is absolutely not the king of any kind of communication. Texting King tells me he’s a resident at hospital downtown. Call me shallow but seriously that doctor title was buying him some time. But after a week of random texts and very few emails we finally had an actual conversation this morning. It went downhill fast:
1. I hadn’t had my morning coffee so I wasn’t at my best.
2. He has a weird sing songy way of talking.
3. Not very forthcoming with details of his occupation.
4. Tells me he’s moving back to Iowa in a month.
5. And then proceeds to ask if I want to meet up this weekend.

At this point I’m finding it hard to believe he’s a doctor. OK, I’ll rephrase that. I don’t believe he's a doctor. He just seemed too vague about it. I’m no expert but I do watch Grey’s Anatomy and some of what he said, or didn’t say, just didn’t seem right. Anyway, it doesn't even matter at this point because he’s moving and I’m not looking for a pen pal. Gonna have to break it to him. He will not be meeting me. Next.

The Chubster (possibly): I know, I know, it’s a double standard but we’ve already established that I may be a little shallow. I can handle a few extra pounds on a man but we’ll have to see how many he’s carrying when/if we meet. I like what I like. What can I say?

Anyway, the conversation went well. We talked for about an hour. Good banter back and forth but I’m not sure if this is gonna get him out of the friend category. We’ll see. He gave me what I’m guessing is his standard “compatibility” test. The test included lots of questions about my cooking ability. (Chubster?)


Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting Bored

I'm really getting bored with the whole being fat thing.

Like, I just don't feel like thinking about what I eat, and how much I weigh, and what my workout was like, and fat, and fat, and fat.

I feel like it's all I think about, and it's most definitely the dominating topic of conversation between Tub of Lard and me.

The funny thing is that I'm into my work outs (like, I would almost, maybe, possibly venture to say I enjoy them).

And, as far as food choices, I don't mind eating healthily. I like veggies. I like grilled chicken. I like fish.

But, every now and again (like a couple few times a week) I like doughnuts (or pie, or cookies, or brownies, or ice cream), and I don't want to feel like a fat food whore when I indulge.

I don't want to take my kids for ice creamm and feel like crying because I can't get one, or because I do get onem and then feel like puking it up later.

It sucks.

I just want to lose some frickin' weight so it can all be worth it.


End rant. -3T

Friday, June 5, 2009

I couldn't help myself

Because today was National Doughnut Day.

Not sure why we have a National Doughnut Day, but figured if it's only like once a year I should really not pass it up.

So, I partook in the lovely holiday and enjoyed one glazed twist.

Who am I to pass up free doughnuts? -3T

So you're saying I’m fat?

Have you ever not felt really bad about a situation until someone told you they felt bad for you? They're really trying to make you feel better but it does the exact opposite.

My coworkers and I all ate lunch together yesterday in celebration of my boss’ birthday.

I’ll admit that ever since last week, I pretty much haven’t been on the diet wagon. I wanted something warm for lunch so bought my lunch in the cafeteria. I opted for baked ziti. It came with my choice of two sides. Roasted potatoes, corn, brussle sprouts, or green beans. I ended up with the corn and potatoes ‘cause I don’t do the other two at all.

So I get to the table and open my container and the remarks begin. Talk about the odd combination (I know, but it was the best option), all the carbs (I know), how the cafeteria’s food isn’t that great (again, I know).

Talk continues about my lunch and my boss throws in that she usually cooks very healthy meals for her family like chicken and salmon and that when her son goes to college next year he’s gonna have to watch out because that [points to my lunch] is the type of food they’ll be serving him and he’ll end up getting fat.

Um, yeah, so you’re saying I’m fat?

When this all went down I pretty much brushed it off and thought leave me alone you skinny bitches.

Well, today a coworker who witnessed it brought it up to let me know how bad he felt bad for me and wished they would have just left me alone. Then he went on to recap a few of the highlights for me. “...and then she pointed at your food and said her son was gonna get fat…”

Thank you.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Single in the suburbs

I’ve never really dated. I’m 30 years old and have been on only four dates with men that I didn’t really know, meaning we weren’t friends first, we didn’t work together…you get it. I’m also typically a relationship girl which has lead to my issue. Too much time spent with the wrong ones. My last relationship ended for good in January after many, too damn many, years of back and forth.

So now I’m trying to meet new people. How exactly does one go about meeting a nice guy?

I’ve tried the live life and don’t worry about it. Cause when you aren’t looking he will come right? Well guess what. My man is a no show, he stood me up.

I could go with the friend of the friend route. I hang out with 3T and her family a lot and though I love them I’m not going to meet anyone this way. One, all their friends are married couples and two, the only eligible bachelor that they know showed interest in me and after three months, our casual dating it has already run its course.

So I’m trying my hand at online dating. I figure it can’t really hurt, unless of course I meet a crazed psycho who chops me up in little pieces. Ha! (Don’t worry Mom, I’m being careful.)

I’ve been at it for a couple weeks now and am getting the swing of it. I must admit that the first few days were extremely overwhelming. Apparently, when a fresh and fine prime piece of meat (that would be me) appears on the site the men get excited. The interest was pouring in.

I thought that online dating would be way easier and less time consuming than doing it the old fashioned way. Now that I’ve gotten into a routine, it is, but it still takes time and some work. I mean, I’ve already realized that I better double check my email thread before sending a new message since I sometimes can’t remember how much I’ve already revealed about myself to someone. And I’d look a little crazy repeating myself or asking them the same questions over and over again.

I’ve also learned that you can’t be nice to everyone. In real life I try not to hurt anyone’s feelings and am generally friendly to most men who try to make casual conversation, aka try to pick me up. But online I can just ignore the crazies who apparently have way too much self esteem. Because Sir, if you had really taken to the time to even read part of my profile you’d see that we have absolutely nothing in common nor am I looking for someone who is older than my dad.

So we’ll see how things pan out. I’ve already spoken to one guy, Mr. Party All the Time, on the phone and pretty much know we aren’t a match made in heaven. I do like the efficiency of this. At least I didn’t waste an afternoon or evening chatting this guy up. A few emails, a telephone call and dunzo. Next.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Can you say failure?

I can because I get tons of practice.

I fully enjoyed my family trip to Hershey.

It was a deliciously awesome day of chocolate covered happiness.

What I did not enjoy was stepping on the scale Sunday afternoon to discover that I had regained the coveted 3lbs. I had begged, borrowed, and stolen to lose.

So, similarly to Tub of Lard, I am right back to where I was when I started Campaign Fat Loss.

But, not for long.

Despite the fact that I had to finish off all of the left over Hershey happiness I had lying around the house today, I am back on the starving myself religiously wagon.

Since Tub of Lard and I are going to the SITScation in October, we are making a new vow of denial so that we can look almost as hot as Angie from SevEn cLoWn CirCuS or Mama Kat from Mama's Losin' It or all of the other amazing ladies that will be attending.

So, Tub of Lard, get your game face on 'cause we're gonna do this:)

I suck!

Well, guess walking around Hershey Park didn’t quite burn off as many calories as I had hoped.

I suck at this weight loss stuff.

I managed to put on four pounds this week. Yep, four pounds.

The really shitty part about putting on four pounds is that I’m now only one pound lighter then when I started this whole shrink my ass program. And that was, what, like three months ago.

I’m feeling really discouraged.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I had a rough week but was lucky enough to come out of it unscathed. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

Lots of fun stuff on the social calendar for this week, which in my book means good food is involved.

The plan is to pick up my exercising.

I overindulged at the BBQ yesterday (the ribs were bangin’), I’m taking a trip with 3T and family to Hershey Park, and Saturday will probably be a date night.

I’m a sick, sick puppy who is already thinking about all the goodies I want to eat at the park. Chocolate (of course), funnel cakes, hot dogs and fries. (OMG, I seriously can’t remember the last time I ate a hotdog!)

Wonder how many calories walking around the park will burn off?


Monday, May 25, 2009



I have finally broken through the fat ceiling and lost weight!

To me losing 3lbs is like losing 40; it feels so great!

I guess I'm going to gain it all back today because it is the fateful holiday BBQ and, it's at my parents' house.

My parents' house is my weakness.

It might as well be the candy covered house from Hansel and Gretel b/c when I'm there I eat everything in sight; walls, floors, ceilings, all of it.

I think it's the wonder of having tons of food around that I didn't have to prepare myself.

Food always tastes better when it's made by someone else, and flavored with their blood, sweat, and tears.

Plus, when I cook, I ruin my appetite by tasting.

And, I'm so exhausted from the cutting, chopping, measuring, browning, and creating of awesomeness that I barely want to even eat (it does happen, just rarely).

So, the parents' house is the perfect solution: everything I like, no work involved.

I will commence to stuffing my face.

I went running, though, to try to at least get my metabolism in gear.

The two of us have a big day ahead.

Enjoy your holiday!