Friday, August 14, 2009

First Friday weigh-in

Drum roll, please......

I lost two pounds.

Yay! It's not much but definitely what I needed to keep me motivated.

I'm trying a new approach too. Not to get all new-age self-helpish on you but I'm going to try to do more positive self talk. I've been pretty down in the dumps the last couple of weeks so I'm trying to pick myself up and snap out of this funk. I read an article about things we tell ourselves that could be sabotaging our own best efforts to lose weight. Unfortunately, I do this--a lot. So enough already, I'm moving on to positive thinking.

And in the wonderful world of dating....

I'm currently in the process of narrowing down the number of guys I'm virtually dating for a couple of reasons. One, "talking" to nine different guys is overwhelming. And two, it's also totally unnecessary because I'm only even remotely interested in possibly ever meeting up with three of them. So I don't really even see a point in emailing, texting, playing phone tag with the others anymore.

I'll be meeting up with one of the more interesting ones next week. And I'm even looking forward to it. His profile made me laugh, we've had good email communication back and forth, and he asked me out pretty quickly. That's what I like. Let's just meet and see how this face to face thing goes. Why waste time emailing for weeks? Again, I'm not doing this for a pen pal.