Monday, June 1, 2009

I suck!

Well, guess walking around Hershey Park didn’t quite burn off as many calories as I had hoped.

I suck at this weight loss stuff.

I managed to put on four pounds this week. Yep, four pounds.

The really shitty part about putting on four pounds is that I’m now only one pound lighter then when I started this whole shrink my ass program. And that was, what, like three months ago.

I’m feeling really discouraged.



parentingBYdummies said...

Don't be. You are still awesome. And, as a self proclaimed expert on the matter, I should know:)

Anonymous said...

I bet that most of the four pounds is salt and retained water. I mean, did you eat 14,000 extra calories? Probably not. And yes, I calculated it.

Just try and make tomorrow a good day. In fact I challenge you to make tomorrow the perfect food day.
I find it easier to take it one day at a time... at least until the motivation and willpower find me again. I don't know if it will help you, but I hope so!

Good luck and keep at it!