Friday, June 5, 2009

So you're saying I’m fat?

Have you ever not felt really bad about a situation until someone told you they felt bad for you? They're really trying to make you feel better but it does the exact opposite.

My coworkers and I all ate lunch together yesterday in celebration of my boss’ birthday.

I’ll admit that ever since last week, I pretty much haven’t been on the diet wagon. I wanted something warm for lunch so bought my lunch in the cafeteria. I opted for baked ziti. It came with my choice of two sides. Roasted potatoes, corn, brussle sprouts, or green beans. I ended up with the corn and potatoes ‘cause I don’t do the other two at all.

So I get to the table and open my container and the remarks begin. Talk about the odd combination (I know, but it was the best option), all the carbs (I know), how the cafeteria’s food isn’t that great (again, I know).

Talk continues about my lunch and my boss throws in that she usually cooks very healthy meals for her family like chicken and salmon and that when her son goes to college next year he’s gonna have to watch out because that [points to my lunch] is the type of food they’ll be serving him and he’ll end up getting fat.

Um, yeah, so you’re saying I’m fat?

When this all went down I pretty much brushed it off and thought leave me alone you skinny bitches.

Well, today a coworker who witnessed it brought it up to let me know how bad he felt bad for me and wished they would have just left me alone. Then he went on to recap a few of the highlights for me. “...and then she pointed at your food and said her son was gonna get fat…”

Thank you.



parentingBYdummies said...

Don't worry about it. As you always say, you can change fat but they're stuck with ugly:)

TubOfLard said...


bluntdelivery said...

oh geez... what is it with coworkers? its like they are all socially inept.