Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What? Really?

First, thanks to everyone for your lovely birthday wishes! I had a great weekend!

(Yes I'm the girl who never, ever celebrates just once. I mean, my birthday only rolls around once a year, may as well make the most of it.)

Two dates, a GNO and a day to recoup on Monday. Awesome!

Second, the amazing thing is that I'm two pounds lighter than last week's weigh in. So, either the weight I gained was water bloat from all the beer, the birthday weekend gorging hasn't caught up to me yet (please refer to GNO above), or my body just does whatever the hell it wants, which would explain why I'm not making much progress in my weight loss battle...sigh.

And, I've got nothin' new to report on the dating front....double sigh.



parentingBYdummies said...

That's it. I'm gonna start pimping you out on Twitter: Hot, chick looking 4 loving(& possibly rich) man 2 marry. Will show U a good time (& by good time I mean lots of smiling & stimulating convo) 4 a hot meal and plenty of wine. Is that more than 140 characters?

TubOfLard said...

Not sure, but please also include that pansies need not apply. Can I please be the girl in the relationship?

Alicia said...

good for you!! a birthday and weight loss?! life is good...

Katie said...

Ms ParentingBYDummies referred me over here and she was right! Will be following your blog now! :)

Katie said...

*Sprinkles motivation her way!*