Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting Bored

I'm really getting bored with the whole being fat thing.

Like, I just don't feel like thinking about what I eat, and how much I weigh, and what my workout was like, and fat, and fat, and fat.

I feel like it's all I think about, and it's most definitely the dominating topic of conversation between Tub of Lard and me.

The funny thing is that I'm into my work outs (like, I would almost, maybe, possibly venture to say I enjoy them).

And, as far as food choices, I don't mind eating healthily. I like veggies. I like grilled chicken. I like fish.

But, every now and again (like a couple few times a week) I like doughnuts (or pie, or cookies, or brownies, or ice cream), and I don't want to feel like a fat food whore when I indulge.

I don't want to take my kids for ice creamm and feel like crying because I can't get one, or because I do get onem and then feel like puking it up later.

It sucks.

I just want to lose some frickin' weight so it can all be worth it.


End rant. -3T


Mira said...

I'm with you, but what are you supposed to do when life and kids and stress throw temptation in your way? Food just tastes so good! Fat sucks though. I hear ya.

TubOfLard said...

I know what you mean. Not obsessing is hard. Keep up the good things you're doing and eat a scoop of freaking ice cream if you want to. It's not like you're doing it everyday. You deserve it after working out and eating chicken and veggies. Because really, life without ice cream would just suck.

bluntdelivery said...

don't deprive yourself. that never works. you have to reward yourself, or you'll binge and blah blah. you've heard it all before.

but forreals, its about portion control and 1200 cals a day. it will do the trick every time.