Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Accent Cellulite Treatment Update

After a lot of back and forth at my first session (thank you Dawn and Lisa for helping me through my crazy!) I decided to have the fronts of my thighs treated. (So from the top of the knee to the mid-thigh area.) This isn't really the part of my thigh with the "deepest" cellulite, which for me is on my hip area, but it's the area that I felt would be most practical for my life.

I mean, my goal is to wear shorts and shorter skirts and dresses. I'm never in a bathing suit and if I'm naked in front of you, you don't care about my cellulite anyway. At least you better not.

I'm doing very well with the treatments. They aren't painful at all. Only a little hot at times but never, ever uncomfortable. I'd describe them as a warm massaging feeling.

I've had three sessions and haven't seen any dramatic changes, I'm not rockin' the shorts yet, but I have noticed some slight improvements. Word! I was told from the beginning that it usually takes four treatments to start seeing improvements, so this is pretty much what I expected. I think I will take photos after my next appointment too since it will be the halfway point. Plus it'll make it easier to see what's really going on.