Monday, August 10, 2009

Dating pet peeves

Tardiness: I’m here, why aren’t you? If you aren’t sure how to get here or how long it will take, give yourself extra time and leave early. I don’t like sitting at the bar alone waiting for you to show up.

Not doing what you say you’re going to do: If you tell me you’re are going to call me over the weekend. Do it. You come off as uninterested and unreliable when you don’t follow through.

Memory lapses: I understand you are probably communicating with more women than just me. I understand how online dating works. But I also understand that since we are communicating through email there are written notes for you to refer back to before asking me some lame ass question that I clearly gave you the answer to two messages ago. Please try to pay attention and remember what I’m sharing with you about my life. And if you can’t, look back over your notes before asking me anything. This is an open book test, you can use your notes, I won’t know.

Not inquisitive enough: If you are really trying to get to know me I’d think that you ask me a little more than, “how was your day?” Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the questions but that’s not going to help you figure out who I really am. No family questions, no career questions, not even a what’s your favorite movie question.


Still no batteries, still no weigh in. I went to a little store I refer to as hell on earth, other people like to call it Wal-mart, and came up empty handed again. I’m actually thinking I’m going to change my weigh-in day to Friday. I think weighing in before the weekend might give me a little more will power to continue making good food choices throughout the weekend. And this gives me a couple more days to track down these stupid batteries.


parentingBYdummies said...

Think the weighing before the weekend is a good idea. Course, if it's bad news it may lead to binging. If that should occur, please call me, I love to binge:)!

Mira is triplet crown said...

Those dudes who can't even think of one question to ask about me? Were worthless. They were all 'just tell me about yourself.' Um, no? The lack of discrimination you show in your choice of women by having no actual desire to get to know about me and who I am is a wee tad of a turnoff. Internet dating men? Bad social skill. Sorry to say. That was my experience. Not that my husband has better social skills though...

Alicia said...

seriously!! with all the answers in front of you these guys could at least review the notes!!