Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's over

I officially told the Italian Stallion to suck it. Well, not really. I was much nicer and said something along to lines of "this isn't going to work out." Wish I could say the same thing about him.

It came to an end because I couldn't take his only coming around when it was convenient for him and last minute dates any longer. We planned to get together the Wednesday after I got back from Vegas but since I was sick I rescheduled for this past Monday. Monday came, I hadn't heard from him, I sent a text asking if we were still on. No response. I called and left a message. No response. No response until 10 p.m. Monday night saying he'd been fishing with his dad all day. So, I was over it. Dad in hospital, good excuse. Fishing with Dad, not. Especially without a phone call the day before.

I guess he's not used to being the dumpee but that's really no excuse for put downs or the little argument that followed. Seriously, we went out on three dates.

And he really has a skewed perception of what getting to know someone entails and thinks what I'm asking for (not going M.I.A., which he can't recall, and not asking me out at the last minute) is too much since I haven't "given him anything" yet. (He's funny!) He admitted that he didn't call on Monday becuase the date totally slipped his mind. (So, you forgot about seeing me?) He also proceeded to tell me that he didn't understand why I'm doing this since it's not like I have anything going on. I don't have any guys lined up. (Ha! WTF, dude. Your ego really got the best of you.) And that's when I cut him off and told him to quit talking.

Even after all his back and forth I wanted to remember him as a decent guy who I went out with a few times and had fun. But now I'm left with memories of his douchiness.

Anyway, there is actually a new guy. I'm excited. He's the first new one in a couple of months. We just "met" this weekend and talked on the phone last night. And he seems nice and we have a few things in common. (He's already earned a gold star for not calling at all hours of the night and following through. And by all hours, I mean 10 p.m. on a work night. As I mentioned before, I go to bed early. So instead he sent a text saying he didn't know if it was too late (it was) so he'd call the next day. And, he did. Considerate, yes.) We talked about meeting up, maybe this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.


ShellSpann said...

Italian Stallion sounds like a total douche!

The new guy sounds nice though :)

Laura said...

Good move on getting rid of him now. It probably would have just gotten worse.

Yay for new guy!

Mira is triplet crown said...

I had a feeling. Dude can't put you first at the beginning when it should be all hot and heavy? He never will. That's my thought. Sorry though, bet I'm also right that you can do better!

Alicia said...

DANNNNNG!! look who's spitting game!!! i'm glad you told the itallian stallion to suck it...the dbag! i can't wait to hear all about the newbie...whoop whoop!! he sounds better already!