Monday, March 30, 2009

Ya'll Ready for This?

We can change the name of this blog to Diary of A Mad Fat Woman, because that's exactly what I am.

I'm fat, and now I'm getting kinda mad about it.

I'm thinking it's the only thing that's gonna get this weight loss/life change deal I'm working on to go somewhere.

Why am I mad? Because, being overweight SUCKS!

And, not just because I have to look at people like this, or this, or OMG THIS, everywhere I turn.

There are also more practical reasons why being over weight pisses me off.

First, I lost weight last year and was a full 15lbs lighter, fitter, and healthier than I currently am. So, I'm mad at myself for letting it go.

Second, I hate being sloppy and fat. Being sloppy is sorta a way of life for me. I stay home with my dudes and unless I'm going to a specific event (an event for us would be grocery shopping) I pretty much wear workout gear at all times. Not because I'm working out, or I may soon be working out, or because I am always in search of an opportunity to workout. It's actually b/c I like comfort and at least in workout gear I look like I may possibly be engaged in one of the activities I mentioned I am not engaging in. Workout gear implies that I may or just did workout which gives me an excuse to not be wearing normal clothing. Basically, it's either workout gear or sweats. Thinner in workout gear just looks natural. Fat in workout gear looks sloppy, and kinda dumb b/c I feel like it's obvious I haven't broken a sweat in them.

Third, I'm hot. And, being hot makes me mad.

Fourth, I am uncomfortable. And, being uncomfortable makes me hot, which in turns makes me, you guessed it, mad.

And for the fifth and final reason, being the Fatty Mcfatterton that I am pisses me off because it means that I have to work super hard to not be anymore, and the prospect of doing that makes me mad.

But, mad or not I'm in it to win it and today is the big day.

It's the start of a new week, the start of a new month (close enough), the start of a new season (finally starting to warm up here), and the start of a new me!

Got up early today and did a 30 minute workout with my boy Gilad, who btw is AWESOME!

Ate a sensible breakfast of oatmeal with a hearty glass of water, and plan to work out again after dude #1 heads off to school.

So, if nothing else, at least today I will have a legitimate excuse for wearing my workout clothes all day.


ciara said...

lmao i, too, wear workout wear prob mostly for comfort. some days i do actually exercise, some days i don't. i've been doing good w food & water lately...the exercise? not so much :-/