Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey there cupcake

So today has been a pretty bad day with regard to my Fat Ass Reduction Plan.

As always, my intentions were good. I planned to eat healthy and stay on track.

But, you can blame it on those chocolaty, sprinkled cupcakes with their vanilla icing goodness. They were over there all dressed up, begging for the chance to show me their stuff. Didn't want to let them down, so, you know I ate a couple.

But that's not all I did. I had McDonald's too!

I didn't mean to, it just sorta happened.

We had packed a delicious little picnic lunch to share with our friends at the park. It was supposed to be a sunny 70 degree day so we wanted to take advantage of it after being cooped up for so long.

But it wasn't sunny, it was foggy. And not like a little foggy, but like San Fran in the winter. And, it wasn't warm either. I'd be surprised if it made it up to 50 this morning. Nowhere near the 70 we were looking forward to.

So, basically the kiddies chickened out at the park after about 30 minutes and the yummy, healthy, low fat lunch I packed was abandoned for the greasy, fattening, comfort of chicken nuggets and fries.

I know I could've gotten a salad or eaten my home made lunch even though they were having McDonald's. But seriously, if that were my MO then I probably wouldn't be a contributing writer on a blog entitled Too Fatties.

Needless to say I got chicken and fries and a sweet tea to wash it all down with, which I thoroughly enjoyed until about 8 minutes ago when I sat down to write this blog.

Now I want to go into the bathroom and jam the straw from my tea down my throat until I puke up the deep fried goodness I shoved down there earlier.

But, I hate barfing, and then I'd be hungry in a few minutes again anyway, and I'm guessing I've already absorbed most of the badness already, so forget it.

Instead, I'll go for a run when Hubby gets home from work. Yep. That's what I'll do. I'll jog it off.

So, do you think it'd be okay if I had another cupcake?