Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vacation weight gain

So, I'm back from my work trip/vacation and three pounds heavier.

I went into the trip with the best intentions.

I packed my workout gear, since I knew I'd have access to a gym, and told myself I wasn't going to overindulge.

That went out the window on the first day. After a day of traveling and setting up for the exhibit, I found myself sitting at the hotel bar needing a beer and stuffing my face with a burger and fries.

And it just continued to spiral out of control from there.

Pretty much everything I ate was fried.

It got so bad I actually started to crave a salad. And then I washed it down with a couple of adult beverages, OK more than a couple, in fact enough that I found myself on stage singing karaoke. And for the record, I can't all.

But I mean seriously, did I really think I was going to spend three days in New Orleans and not drink?

So anyway, after New Orleans my parents picked me up to take me to Florida. My mom, a blunt, no nonsense kind of woman, greeted me with, "Man, you really have gained weight and you look want a beignet?"

I told her she was correct on all of the above and if we could please save the insults for tomorrow. I was only working with four hours of sleep and couldn’t handle it. And then I grabbed the beignets and stuffed my pie hole.

I spent the next three days at my parent’s house. My mom cooked all of my favorite meals and had plenty of treats to snack on. I went out with old friends and caught up over, yes, more drinks.

So now I’m back at home, exhausted, and fatter. I never even touched my workout clothes. (Well, I did shuffle them around in my suitcase some.) But I’m serious about getting it together now.

There is nothing like a trip to the beach to remind you how out of shape you are. And I wasn't even in a bathing suit, I wore pants. Yes, I wore pants to the beach because I'm fat, and my summer clothes don’t fit.

I still have a couple of months before the weather here will require me shed the layers of clothes that are currently hiding my flaws.

So, guess I better get off my lazy ass and hit the gym. And on Monday I’ll be back to counting points.

Yes, Monday, I realize that that is still a few days away but that’s my official online Weight Watchers start day, I currently have no food at home and need to stock up on healthy items, I have a date over the weekend and I’m not the type of girl who orders salad when I’m offered a free meal, and Two Ton Tilly isn’t starting until Monday and we are supposed to be doing this together, right?

Those are my excuses and I’m stickin' to 'em.


parentingBYdummies said...

Finally fixed this comment thing. Now people can comment on our inability to stop the madness:) Your friend, Two Ton Tilly