Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Introducing: Two Ton Tilly

My Stats:
Age: 30
Weight: 165
Height: 5'3
Size: 8/10 (kinda depends on the store)
Desired Weight: 150 (140 if you're nasty)

Right now I'm eating a cupcake. A yummy chocolate cupcake with a huge dollop of vanilla icing on top.

Later, I will want to puke.

I have the self control of an 8 week old puppy.

I don't know why I can't get myself in gear. I always start out with good intentions and a rock solid plan.

But then, something goes wrong. Today what went wrong was that I planned to workout, but then my son broke his toe. And, I planned to make good food choices, but then remembered that we'd be having cupcakes to celebrate my other son's 4th bday (and I have to test them, right?).

So now, here I sit, having my Weight Watchers Smart One meal with a cupcake chaser. Go me!

This is just another lap in the vicious weight cycle I've been on since I got pregnant with my first son. I joined Club Fat Ass at that point and have been a faithful and active member since then.

I recently lost 35lbs.

I recently gained 15.

I don't want to gain more.

This summer I want to go to the pool and swim without my t-shirt on. I want to go to my son's baseball practice and not be the hot, sweaty, fat chick hiding under the tree to prevent looking like a roasting pig. As a matter of fact, I don't want to be the fat chick at all anymore. I hate that I look the best in my maternity clothes (not pregnant, I swear, I'm not). I hate that I have a name for my back. I call it the snack pack, b/c it looks like I have a pack of snacks back there for long trips to the zoo.

And, I hate chonch. Now the definition in the Urban Dictionary is a little off for my tastes. Because, in my world when you are so fat that your pants are being slowly consumed by your crotch, you, my friend have what I call chonch.

I have frequently been the victim of chonch and I refused to go back to those days.

So, BFF and I are gonna get back on the wagon and stop this food insanity that is plaguing our lives. We figured that the best way to keep ourselves honest is to share it with the world wide web.

And, we are starting on like Monday so that cupcake so does not count:)