Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuffing It

My face.

Every since I let my guard down to enjoy my birthday, I have been stuffing it.

I actually think that I consumed so much ooey, gooey, greasy goodness this weekend that Sunday night featured me, and my porcelain homeboy getting very friendly with each other.

Let's review what I ate this weekend, and then you can tell me (actually, just spare me b/c I can't handle the truth) if there is any chance of me NOT gaining weight this week.

Naughty Foods:
Ice cream cake (2 slices)
Huge Steak (w/some sorta flavored butter smeared on top)
Shoestring Fries
salad with regular dressing
Various alcoholic beverages (probably only 2 and a half)
regular (gasp!) soda
chocolate covered almonds (nearly an entire Costco sized bag)
shrimp sandwich from Cheesecake Factory
tons of avocado (some delicious appetizer from CCF)
french fries
sweet tea
more popcorn
ice cream
and undoubtedly a few other items that I have chosen to forget in order to maintain any sense of self I have remaining

It wasn't all bad, though.

I have discovered a healthy snack that I quite enjoy: roasted edamame.

It is pretty yum, once you get over the initial shock of the taste which is kinda like sunflower seeds, but not quite as good.

They grow on you.

And, if you can't stomach them plain, they are really good on salads.

That's the bright side.

The only bright side.

That, and the fact that I ran every day this past weekend, to try to counteract some of the food.

Doubt it worked.

I fully intend to skip my weekly weigh in.

What I don't know can't hurt me:) -3T


TubOfLard said...

Me too, minus the running! We need to get back on track!

Anonymous said...

You can do it! My new thing that I'm working on is maintaining the mentality that it's life. It's not always going to be perfect and sometimes, you're going to need to eat shoestring fries, and birthday cake. Why? Because they're deliciously terrible. I'm trying to enjoy things like that when I eat them, and then go back to being more's rough to not feel bad about eating it and whatever, it's really hard to change the frame of mind you've been in for the last however-many years, but it's worth it!
xoxo Baffled...