Friday, May 15, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll eat if I want to

Starting with chocolate covered almonds.

Thank you, Costco for adding this delightful little number to your inventory.

I've looked at them sitting on your shelf for two weeks now and today I said, Self, it's your birthday, might has well enjoy it.

So, I bought them, and now I am eating them (with a diet coke chaser!).

And, I am smiling.

I like to stretch out my birthday celebrations over an entire weekend, and since my idea of fun generally always includes food (and possibly alcohol), I don't expect to make much progress this week.

Although, I don't expect to make much progress any week, because (per my previous posts), I have not lost any weight yet.

A few ounces (yes, I count those too), here and there, but that's it.

I figure, if even on the days/weeks when I am eating well and working out nothing happens, then there is not much reason for me to deny myself birthday pleasure, is there?

Now if I gain two pounds this week, I will be very pissed.

Actually, maybe I won't, because at least then I can lose it next week and finally feel happy that what I am doing is working.


I'm still gonna run so hopefully, some of the bad I put in will be canceled out by the good I am doing on the outside.

Catch up with you when my drug (aka food) induced stupor wears off sometime next week:) -3T