Friday, May 1, 2009


Today was a sad day in the land of 3T.

I learned that after a week of salads for lunch and weight watchers meals for dinner, working at least once and sometimes twice a day, and putting myself through a form of torture that should be recognized by the Geneva Conventions, that I did not lose one. Single, Effing, Pound.

I hate my face (and my thighs, and my back, and my disgusting, wiggly, gut) right now.

I am unable to provide any words of wisdom for those of you beginning this treacherous journey.

And (for the first time ever), I am all outta witty one liners and smart alecky quips.

Right now I am just sad. Very, very, sad that, as I approach my 31st birthday, I remain unhappy with my body bag that is perpetually trapping the pretty young thang that I know I still am inside.

For the first time ever, I am too sad to eat. For dinner tonight I ate two pieces of sushi and a couple of strawberries, and guess what, I'm not even hungry.

So, friends, I will return in a few days when I am better able to be a pleasant companion in the weight loss journey, because no one likes a Mopey Mabel hanging around them when they can't even turn to ice cream and chocolate chip cookies for joy and comfort. -3T