Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Fat

That's how I'm feeling this week.

And, not sure what I'm doing so wrong.

I'm not gaining weight, but I didn't lose any this week either (unless you count 6oz, which you don't unless you're a freakin' newborn).

I am certain that I am eating differently and exercising more.

I haven't baked brownies in WEEKS! And, that is quite an accomplishment for someone who used to buy the big box of Ghirardelli ones from Costco every two weeks, faithfully.

I've been eating salad and Smart Ones everyday for lunch, along with sensible dinners. And, everyone who knows me knows that I eat a cup of oatmeal every. single. day. for breakfast.

We went to Chili's yesterday and I got a garden salad with fat free ranch dressing, a half of a turkey sandwich, no cheese, no mayo, and I didn't realize when I ordered it that it came with fries, but I split them among the other not-so-healthy eaters at my table.

Doesn't sound horrible, does it?

To make it better, I didn't even touch the sandwich. I wrapped it up and took it to work for dinner. I had it with broccoli, green beans, and a bag of baked Lays.

Did I want to grub on those fries and rub mayo all over that sandwich? Sure did.

And, did I want to order the Cesar salad with regular dressing and cover my turkey sandwich in Swiss cheese and hickory smoked bacon. You betcha.

But I didn't. I made smarter, healthier, less satisfying to an exhausted-overworked-stressed out mom choices instead.

All for 6 lousy ounces!

But, don't think I'm giving up. I have a few more weeks before we start our mommy-baby swim classes, and the idea of being in a swimsuit with a pool full of fit, young, cute moms is motivation enough for me to keep chugging along (at least for now).

Seriously, though. Something has gotta change. I gotta get myself moving more because I really can't see myself eating any less.

So, here's to another week.

Wish me luck because if I am under 160 by this Saturday I will be celebrating with a nice, big, frosty glass of water:) -3T


TubOfLard said...

This is your week! All the hard work will catch up.