Friday, April 3, 2009

Costco's Crazy

Or, maybe it's me.

Maybe I am the one who is nuts for not being able to understand why their Two-Bite Cinnamon Rolls (which in my opinion are really only like one bite, maybe one and a half if you're trying to savor it) are so ridiculously high in fat/calories/bad crap.

Seriously, a mere four bites of goodness (serving size is 2) will leave with 210 calories of shame and 9 grams of fat on your rump.

And, yes I had one. Oh, shut up, I had four, okay. That means I ate 420 calories and 18 grams of fat in cinnamon rolls.

Which, I think I earned as a little treat to spending the entire week hungry and sweaty (I worked out everyday!).

Know what the worst part is? Since we bought them from Costco, there are still like 385 of those freaking things sitting there in their buttery, soft, sweetness daring me to ignore them for the rest of the weekend. Hate to disappoint the little buggers... -3T


My Family said...

OMG cinnamon rolls or cinnamon and sugar anything are my biggest weakness aside from pasta and my homemade chocolate chip cookies! :)