Thursday, April 9, 2009

Naughty Girl

I've broken one of my primary, unwritten rules: NO MCDONALD'S

I couldn't help myself.

I tried to resist, but I fell victim to peer pressure and sabotage.

My kids wanted McDonald's. After all, it is spring break. And, how can you enjoy spring break without greasy food and ice cold beer soda. Well, I didn't actually let them drink soda. We didn't go that crazy.

But, I did agree to take them to Mickey D's after our brief trip to the park that ended in an all out, full blown, to the death, one year old tantrum (he had shots and he has a cold, so he's excused).

Off we went to the happiest place on earth.

We got there at exactly the same moment my stomach erupted into it's feed-me-now-or-so-help-me act that it always puts on just after noon, and I just could not force myself to get a crappy salad. I tried to talk my brain, I mean my stomach, into waiting until later, but it made a valid argument. The baby was in such a mood that we would not be able to ensure that tummy's needs were going to be met later. So, it was an unavoidable eat now or suffer the consequences scenario. On a day like today (tantrums, four year old shots, soccer practice, photo editing, house cleaning) the consequences were just not an option.

So, as you can see, my kids and my stomach pressured me into choosing a burger, fries, and sweet tea for lunch. It was beyond my control.

And, the sabotage? The sabotager was my mother, bless her heart, who offered to pay for the meal. Sadly, I have not advanced far enough past my college years to turn down a free meal, no matter how cheap, disgusting, or unhealthy it may be.

Tomorrow will be better.

I am scheduled to visit the golden arches once again for a birthday with my kids, but this time I will eat a healthy snack before, and enjoy my healthy lunch after.

I will not fall victim to the fried goodness again. At least not until next week at the very earliest:)