Friday, March 5, 2010

Just shy of the big 2-0

I haven't posted in a few weeks but I've been fighting to lose the snowpocalypes pounds I put on, ugh, but I did it.

And I'm happy to report that I've it lost 3 more pounds bringing my total weight loss down to 19 pounds!!!

Hells yeah! Kinda hard to believe.

I'm wearing jeans I haven't been able to fit into in almost two years.

WW says that I should lose 8 more pounds to the be in the healthy weight range for my height. My goals are more dress/pants size driven but since I'm on a roll here, I'm sure I can hit that number.

I'll have to post some pictures for you.


The dating life has been.....nonexistent. I think I'm going to have to jump online again and try a different site this time. If nothing else, I'll get a few free drinks have stories to share with you.


Mira said...

fantastic! Is it weird that the less you blog about your weight loss the more successful you are at it? I hope you make your goal sooner than you think! Me? I'm still eating pizza while watching Biggest Loser...

Anonymous said...
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marymac said...

I love you. (Even though you write about losing weight- ha!) It was awesome to meet you. Thanks for reading! ;)

marymac said...

I am here to comment again because OHMYGOD! You commented!

I love you.
That is all.

tracyo said...

That's great! I'm trying to lose the last few pounds to reach my goal....definitely hard especially when I get stuck and the number won't go down no matter what I do! Best of luck.

辰原 said...
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